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Patient Service Desk

​Sexual Health and Wellness 

We promote a healthy sexual well-being. Just as good nutrition and regular exercise aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the quality of your sexual health is also a contributing key factor to an overall balanced awareness of body and mind.

Information and education will give you greater control over your own sexual health with confidence, acceptance and understanding.

On occasion, you may find yourself contemplating some of the following situations;
   ~ Absence of an intimate partner
   ~ Changes in sexual performance
   ~ Couples in pursuit of healthy sensual wellness, to enrich a sexual
      experience or to share and enhance an intimate moment.
   ~ Medical or psychological conditions that have sexual side effects
      such as
           ANORGASMIA ~ Is the medical term for regular difficulty reaching
                                       orgasm after ample sexual stimulation

                                       ...>learn more ...>learn more

                                        A natural fluctuation in a woman's sexual desires...>learn more
If you are over 18 years of age, talk with your provider in the comfort of a safe, confidential private atmosphere about your symptoms and possible treatments that are recommended.

Inquire about sexual health and personal wellness lifestyle products available through our office...>learn more